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At Amazing Fables, we combine mesmerising storytelling with technology, to create personalised experiences for young readers. Since starting, we’ve delighted thousands of children with our marvellous books and products touching on positive values and issues.
If you run a site or blog dedicated to parenting, children’s activities or children’s gifts, then we’d love you to join our affiliate program. We’re also interested in broader campaigns if our audiences match each other’s.

So, what do affiliate program members get?
1.  A splendid commission for every gift you help sell, starting at 15%.
2.  Advertising and promotional materials for a wide range of media, devices and formats – and we can make you new collateral for specific campaigns.
3.  Easy set up – we’ll help you with the tracking, links and backend support to run a campaign or promotion.
4.  A monthly newsletter with updates on products, offers and Very Special affiliate-only opportunities.

It is easy to get started! We have created a partner activation guide to help set up and run campaigns, plus you get personal service, and quick validation of sales.

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Any questions? Please get in touch with us at: affiliates@amazingfables.com