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My Sweet Muslim Boy or Girl

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Take your child on an adventure to understand what it means to be a Muslim boy or girl

"Keren sekali! Excellent Islamic book for my little six year old girl. " -Shurina Syukri, Jakarta, Indonesia


Teach your child about the many lessons of Islam.


Nurture your child on what it means to be Muslim

Wähle einen fabelhaften Charakter

Perfectly personalized. Choose a richly-illustrated character who resembles your lovely Muslim boy and girl.

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Aliff Aziz
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great book!

Saya harap anak saya boleh jadi seorang Musliman yang soleh.

Mehmet Tamrin
Istanbul, Turkey

Love the concept.

A timely reminder to teach my son and daughter about now and the afterlife.

Fatime Begum
London, UK

Super süßes personalisiertes Buch!

What a great way to teach about aqidah. Alhamdullilah, my kid will grow up to be a good Muslim girl.