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The 12 Zodiac Animals

46 Pages Free custom dedication Ships worldwide Choose different avatars For 0-6 year olds

An exotic tale for your child with 12 different lessons from cute animals.

"Interesting. My four year old grandson found it absolutely fascinating. He loves animals and fables. This fits in perfectly!" -Richard Willingham


Expand the horizons with 12 mini adventures rich with unique lessons This story is steep in tradition within an Eastern setting.

Let your child be the hero

Your child will be flabbergasted when they start reading the story and see their name...well, everywhere. Magic!

Perfectly personalized

Choose an exquisitely-illustrated character that resembles your little one. They’ll feel like they’re truly the star of the story.

Customer Reviews

Desmon Lau
Taipei, Taiwan

Wonderful values

I am a typical tiger mum and found this to be an excellent story to bridge the East and West for my kids.

Ricardo Kurniadi
Bandung, Indonesia

Truly awesome idea

I bought this for my son’s fifth birthday. He loved it as it has all of his favorite animals.

Cheryl Wu
Bangkok, Thailand

A classic steeped in tradition

Read the story for my niece the other day and she was mesmerized and loved the many mini stories.