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The Boy or Girl Who Colored The World

42 Pages Free custom dedication Ships worldwide Choose different avatars For 0-6 year olds

A hero’s journey in rescuing colors stolen from a magical kingdom by an evil genie.

"Good way to teach about colors. I find it interactive and a very creative way for both my niece and I to bond together over this lovely story." -Keith Reese

Follow their journey step by step

Your little one will be totally astonished when they discover that it is up to them to save the magic kingdom!


Learn about perseverance and about being observant of surroundings during the entire journey to reclaim the many colours.

Pick a fabulous Character

Put them at the center of their quest by choosing the beautifully-illustrated character that most looks like them.

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Customer Reviews

Rebecca Falls
Toronto, Canada

Truly awesome idea

I bought this for my son’s third birthday. He was excited that he was in the story throughout and loved the adventure of seeking out the colors! It was a joy to read it to him.

Nicole Davidson
Stamford, USA

Center of their own adventures

My daughters love being at the center of their own adventures in these stories! And this time, they were pretty excited that the things they love most were part of the whole journey!

Michelle Perez
Dubai, UAE

A hero for everyone

Just finished reading this for my little Prince and he loved every single page of it!