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What Does My Name Mean?

42 Trang Cống hiến miễn phí Tàu trên toàn thế giới Chọn avatar khác nhau For 12+ year olds

This interactive, motivational, and personalized book aims to reframe thoughts about oneself as well as stresses the importance of finding one's self-identity and role in this world.

"Charissa Ong outshines expectations once more with an excellent story about a person's identity." -Hannah Anderson

Choose your Aura and Totem

Pick a colour and an elemental totem that best represents you.

Go through the journey of self discovery

Immerse yourself in the story of your life in the form of poetry. Ask yourself important questions and learn more about yourself.

Write them down and learn

A little journalling goes a long way. Personalise your story even more with a touch of your magic.

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Phản hồi khách hàng

Justin Ng
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fascinating Illustrations

Had a first look at WDMNM and was blown away by the images and the poetry. So in love with it! When is the next one coming out? Hehe.

Juliania Perez
Manila, Philippines

Unique Concept

Privileged to be one of the first few to get a glimpse at Charissa’s new poetry book. Very unique concept.

Loved the book

Worth the money. It helped me put things in perspective. :D